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Quartz Countertops NJ

Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath offers a wide range of Quartz Countertops NJ in terms of color, style, and price. Colors range from white, light beige, beige, yellow/gold, gray and black.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of quartz, you can find more detailed information about Quartz Countertop Pros and Cons.

We offer different colors of quartz countertops such as light gray like Carrara Marmi Quartz and Pelican White Quartz and beige-gray like Montclair White Quartz.

Quartz Countertops NJ

Quartz countertops come in atmosphere defining tones and as such can lift the atmosphere of the room. The different choices help you bring your personality, and with the eighty-nine choice available, we can offer you a wide variety of possible options. Quartz requires low maintenance which is perfect for a busy kitchen. It is the sturdiest natural mineral on earth, and the material is slightly mixed with resin to give it the unique non-porous and stain-resistant attributes. Unlike marble or granite, these countertops would probably never need polishing or sealing which means it's a one-off cost and that’s all. Overall, quartz is a beautiful and practical solution for your home.

The benefits of quartz countertops are so many that you may not be able to count them on your fingertips. Without repeating some already mentioned benefits, let’s look into the others together. Quartz offers the most flexibility in terms of finishing and edge profiling. It is highly durable and being non-porous means; nothing gets inside it meaning no bacteria or germs. This makes it the most hygienic option for a kitchen countertop, and if you’re health conscious, your search should end with a quartz countertop. It is low maintenance and easy to clean. It is also highly heat resistant and also not prone to stains and scratches. Above all, the patterns and colors do not fade over the years and remain consistent.

However, there are a few considerations and points to note when going for quartz countertops. While they can be a perfect inclusion to your kitchen space, they may come with a steeper price tag compared to other material countertops. They are very heavy. The lack of any ongoing maintenance in the short, medium or long term means it is a one-time investment and you’re done. It’s also not the best choice if your countertop will be continually exposed to ultraviolet light (mainly from the sun) as the colors and textures may fade away for this specific kind of exposure. The same could happen with some everyday household products as they are sensitive to chemical agents found in certain products like bleach and heavy-duty cleaners. Also, while they are heat-resistant, they are not entirely heat-proof. This means they can get damaged by excessive heat. Finally, quartz countertops may have visible seams which are a natural feature but undesirable when considered with a consumer perspective.

Our Quartz portfolio brings you a total of 89 choices. We offer you some fantastic, simple colors in Arctic White, Ash Grey, Canvas, Cashmere, Desert Bloom, Frost White, Premium Plus and Stellar White. The nature lovers would love the Toasted Almond, Pacific Salt, and Almond Roca variants. Our Calacatta line has many varieties to offer as well with Botanica, Classique, Lago, Laza, Luccia, Naples, Pearl, Taj, Venice, Verona and Vicenza variants. We invite you to come and join us as we share these and other varieties to help you choose your best dream quartz countertop.

Our panel is comprised of excellent artisans with a history of critically acclaimed workmanship. Quartz is a thick, single piece countertop which makes the installation a tricky task. For this reason, we will only recommend our very best and highly rated artisans for your installation needs. Quartz countertops require great care and, therefore, you should be looking for someone with the required expertise. You are welcome to check online forums for reviews and could ask around your neighborhood for a recommendation. However, the most convenient option would be to check with our helpful salesperson at the Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath to connect you with one of our installation experts.