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Countertops are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. This is one of the few parts of the kitchen which you can customize to your whim, and the vendor will be happy to assist. We offer our customers, not just the best materials but also more options to make their choice as personalized as possible. After consultation with our in-house experts, your selected countertop will be customized to your particular specifications. We deliver quality on time, and our craft is unparalleled in the entire New Jersey area. Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath offers a wide variety of granite, marble and quartz countertops in NJ!

Kitchen Countertops NJ & Bathroom Countertops

At the Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath, we have countertops available in three main categories; granite, marble, and quartz. Each of these is a hallmark in its own right, but our expert salespeople will talk to you first and, after a preliminary consultation, suggest the most suitable choice in all three. You are then welcome to make your choice according to your budget. Of course, you may also disregard and choose something entirely different to give your kitchen a bold look that matches your personality. Remember, there are many right or wrong answers, but we promise to ensure that the one you pick will be the best for your home.

Granite Countertops NJ

Granite is a very popular countertop material among designers. We offer quality granite countertops which enhance your kitchen design. Granite is very durable and resistant to heat. Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath offers granite countertops in a total of 159 unique options. There are many good-quality brands that you can choose for your kitchen. If you like both earth tones and dark tones, Hidden Treasure Granite Countertop suits you perfectly. Himalaya White Granite Countertop is a perfect option for those who love white! You can find out more granite countertops from our category page.

Quartz Countertops NJ

Quartz, which is the favorite of recent times, is with you with the assurance of Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath. Since quartz kitchen countertops are human-made, desired patterns and colors can be obtained. It is also very durable due to its intense structure.
There are many quartz countertops pros and cons. You can read more detailed information from our blog. As Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath, we offer you many kinds of quartz kitchen countertops for you. We have Montclair White Quartz Countertop for those who love marble-like patterns. If you like sleek and plain stones, then you definitely like our Stellar White Quartz.
Carrara Marmi Quartz is the best countertop option for contemporary kitchen lovers!

Marble Countertops NJ

Marble is a natural stone which is a beautiful and magnificent option for kitchen countertops. Marble can be used in many different areas of your home, but the most preferred space is kitchens! Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath provides you a wide range of marble countertops new jersey.
Calacatta Marble Countertop is one of the most known and widely used marble in kitchens. Calacatta is a stone that can adapt to any design style. In addition, if you like more warm colors like beige or cream, you should definitely take a look at our Crema Cappuccino Marble Countertop.