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Granite Countertops NJ

Granite countertop is one of the best options among natural stones. As Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath, we offer many granite countertops NJ in different colors that can adapt to different kitchen styles. Granite countertops are compatible with not only contemporary and modern kitchens but also classic kitchen styles.

Hidden Treasure Granite has its own style for both modern and retro style kitchens. You can consider using this stone with white kitchen cabinets to bring the counter to the front.

Granite Countertops NJ

Granite is a robust and granular type of rock. The grains in granite are easily visible to the human eye. While this can be a deterrent for some, it is a highly desirable attribute for others who would love to have that earthy feel and look in their kitchen. Granite rocks come in single pieces as well which means the entire countertop could be a single piece. This is a highly desirable feature as a single piece top can be a beauty to behold. However, installing such a countertop demonstrates that you love your home above everything and only want the best in it. It oozes class, and an edged finish would complete an excellent example of what a kitchen countertop should look like. A joined countertop would also provide you the same sturdy benefits while also being light on the pocket.

Granite is also very durable and resistant to heat. Its massive and robust nature makes it an ideal material for kitchen countertops. Sealing your granite countertop will preserve the natural beauty of the material and add to its longevity. The sealer also thwarts the natural contaminants from leaving behind mineral deposits that can stain and smush your countertop. It also makes it easier to wipe and clean which means you save a good chunk of time. The demand for granite continues to rise, and as such since the price of the material is not coming down, you can find very competitive labor charges.

At the Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath, we offer granite countertops in a total of 159 unique options. You could go for the classics like the Absolute Black, the Absolute White, Brown Antique or Virginia Mist editions. The more adventurous homeowners have a variety of options including Titanium, Typhoon, and Caledonia to name a few. Also, its never a mistake to go completely natural which you can get by choosing the Yellow River, Cactus or Almond Gold. Agatha Black is also one of the most popular choices. You’re welcome to visit our store and witness all 159 varieties in their full glory and choose your perfect granite countertop.

Granite countertops require great care, and only experienced artisans should be contacted for installation. You are welcome to check online forums for reviews and could ask around your neighborhood for a recommendation. However, the most convenient option would be to check with our helpful salesperson at the Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath to connect you with one of our installation experts. Our panel is comprised of excellent artisans with a history of critically acclaimed quality for your installation needs.