Broad Guide for Quartz Countertops Pros and Cons

Quartz Countertops are a low-support choice, ideal for any bustling kitchen. In this article, we will talk about quartz countertops pros and cons! The countertops are made and produced using the most grounded common mineral found on earth and blended with gum; they’re nonporous, simple to clean and recolor safe. You’ll never need to seal, condition or clean them. Regardless of whether you are building another home or renovating, beautiful quartz countertops are a specific requirement. The fact that they are grounded with rock is a clear indication that they are the best deal in town. The industry has been in business for more than 22 years now, and throughout that time, it has been helping people choose the ideal quartz countertops for their homes.

Quartz is one of the hardest and plentiful minerals in the world. This made the manufactures and manufacturing companies find it an extraordinary product to work with for surface making and renovation more than 50 years ago. It became clear that when man’s resourcefulness enhanced regular mineral quartz, the output (quartz countertops) could compete with any other countertops all over the world.

Breton S.p.A, an Italian company, came up with a way to engineer the procedure of making the countertops by pressing the polymer resins into natural, raw quartz crystals in the early 1960s. Up to date, Breton remains a powerhouse in supplying engineered stone making equipment. Quartz Countertops rapidly ended up being well known in Italy, and have been included in European kitchens for a considerable length since then. It took more time for the pattern to get on in the United States. Mostly, fashions and trends that begin abroad frequently find a hard time getting absorbed and accepted in the United States. The fact that the American people were contented with the alternative the companies in their country were offering could also be another reason that led to the slow saturation of the Quartz Countertops in the American market. When the enormous advantages of quartz countertops turned out to be evident to American customers during the 90s, their prevalence developed quickly. By 2004, HGTV was revealing U.S. deals had expanded by 60 percent over the earlier year. The quartz blast had started – and proceeds right up ’til the present time

This creative procedure implied that a mineral, fundamentally unviable as a ledge material all alone, could now be strengthened to make a stable surface that was hard, tough, and exceptionally low in porosity. Also, assembling could be controlled to deliver an assortment of items; from fine to coarse-grained, with changing shading relying on the colors included during the procedure and fluctuating shimmer, contingent on materials like glass that might be added too.

Let’s deep into the quartz countertops pros and cons!

Major Pros of Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops have won many hearts since their emergence. Americans especially were won over by the quality of ledges despite them lacking interest in them at first. Some of the advantages that give the countertops un upper hand on its competitors are as below;

quartz countertop pros and cons
White Quartz Countertop

1. Quartz Countertops Are Nonporous

As they are famously referred to as engineered stone, they are created in a way that does not allow any room for liquids to soak in. This also makes it more sanitary since the surface will be sparkling clean when wiped. It is tough for germs, viruses or even bacteria to get dislodged into the countertops when it has no cracks or any holes. This feature makes life easy for the owner of the house when it comes to wiping and mopping. While drying, they remain very clean.

quartz countertop pros and cons

2. Quartz Countertops Contain a Wide Variety of Styles

Since the countertops are human-made, it can make them come with many colors and styles. Initially, the stone comes with its natural color. When being manufactured into the countertops, it tends to be made in a wide assortment of colors and styles. The wide assortment of choices you get with quartz countertops is extraordinary if you need to coordinate your home’s stylistic layout with a specific goal in mind. It’s likewise exceptional on the off chance that you need a particular shading or example. You can get anything from lime green to a characteristic darker to a dull dark. You can likewise get either a matte or a sparkly completion for quartz ledges. It would rely upon the style and structure you lean toward for your home.

pros and cons of quartz countertops

3. The Countertops are Uniform in Look and Feel

As Mother Nature gives the natural stone, it frequently has texture and color variety. It is shading, example, or look of common stone isn’t destined to be uniform. While this probably won’t trouble a few people, others favor their countertops to appear to be identical all through. What’s more, that is one of the advantages of Quartz Countertops. Since they are produced, Quartz countertops look and feel uniform all through the ledge. This will give a predictable style and look of the countertop, which can add to your kitchen or washroom’s plan aesthetic.

quartz countertop pros and cons

4. Quartz Countertops Resist Corrosion and Staining

The fact that the Quartz countertops are not porous makes them very hard to let liquids such as water and oil penetrate them. This means that their resistant allows for their sparkling cleaning. Unless they are broken or containing holes, there will be no instances of staining or corrosion on them.

One of the pros of quartz countertops is that it is durable and tough. This high quartz content (about 90%) makes these countertops uncommonly hard and sturdy. The toughness of this material makes it an incredible choice for countertops where you will most likely be slamming down pots, knives, glasses, glasses, and pans. Quartz is extreme and will be impervious to stains, chips, and scratches. The sturdiness of these ledges permits them to keep going for a long time. You’ll have the capacity to make the most of your quartz ledges for quite a long time without stressing over breaks, scratches, or fixing chips.

Ease of maintenance. One of the advantages of quartz countertops is that they needn’t bother with any wax covering tor sealant (unlike concrete or granite which are not natural stones). That’s why quartz countertops require less support contrasted with other countertop materials. What’s more, since quartz countertops have nonporous surfaces, they are excessively simple to clean and keep up. You won’t need to stress over getting stains out with a big scouring session like you would with other ledge materials. Wipe them down with a cleaning wipe, cleanser, and water, and it will be good to go.

Last but not least, the Quartz countertops prove to be a long term investment. From its qualities of durability and increased popularity of quartz, it seems to be the real deal. From its durability, you will not need to be fixing and replacing them time and again. The fame that the Quartz countertops have come with merely means that the value added in your house kitchen or bathroom will be enormous. For those renting and selling homes, this might be an added advantage that will give their houses an upper hand over others.

quartz countertop pros and cons, black quartz countertop

Major Cons of Quartz Countertops

There have been some factors about the quartz countertops that have proven irrelevant and driven many customers away. The company looks for such things to keep offering the best services to its customers. Some of the cons include;

The countertops are expensive. The processing and manufacturing costs make the countertop very expensive. Added the installation costs the, cost of buying and installing is just next to impossible. However, as compared to other options, quartz countertop has the ability to add more value and elegance to your kitchen and will last longer than any of the aforementioned options.

When subjected to heat or some chemical substances for a long time, they easily get damaged. The Quartz countertops easily damage when there is excessive heat in their presence. Placing a hot pan alone will be enough to ruin them. Some of the chemicals might also prove harmful to them. When you have these quartz countertops in your kitchen, you ought to have trivets or heating pads.

The quartz countertops have not been designed for outdoor fixing. This is because excessive exposure to the sun causes discoloration.

Their installation in kitchens and bathrooms is limited to some few sinks. They are only limited to under-mount, flush-mount and drop-in sinks. Integrated sinks may cause the countertops to crack, and this will force the owner to install a full replacement.

quartz countertop pros and cons, white quartz countertop

Durability and Maintenance of Quartz

a) Durability

For many reasons, quartz countertop has gained so much popularity all over the world. One of the reasons for making it very popular is its durability. From its time of mining, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, what you decide to do with it is what makes it durable. Some of the reasons that make quartz countertop durable include;

1.It is made from natural Quartz

The countertops are made from approximately 90% of quartz. Quartz is formed from molten lava and ranks very high on the hardness of rocks in the charts. Only corundum, diamonds and topaz are harder than quartz. Even the other countertops, for example, granite are incorporated with a mixture of quartz. This means that the countertops made from quartz will always be durable and stronger than other countertops.

2.The Consistency of the Quartz Countertops

No matter which area you put them into, be it showrooms or kitchens, they will always give you the same results. This is because the quartz countertops are consistent in durability from piece to piece. They will always perform well in all the areas they have been installed.

3.The Manufacturing of the Quartz Countertops

Quartz is given freely by mother nature just as a mineral. The natural quartz is mixed with pigments and resins to alter the countertops color and style depending on what the customers will be preferring. Due to its nonporous and stain resistant nature, it will not require any sealing. Other natural stones may absorb liquids below the surface and creating a mark that is impossible to wipe.

quartz countertop pros and cons

b) Maintenance of the Quartz Countertops

Note that quartz countertops are not heat-friendly. In contrast to some other regular stones, heat can harm the quartz. For these reasons, it is vital for those planning to install these quartz countertops to prevent heat at the top of them by using trivets. Cease from putting hot skillets or pans straightforwardly on the quartz countertops, and know about the potential harm to the surface by heat-creating apparatuses, for example, electric barbecues or stewing pots. Also, likewise with any common stone, continuous subjecting to heat may cause splits in quartz countertops.

Quartz countertops can stain after some time when presented directly to sunlight. If you have a piece of your counter that gets a portion of the UV beams from the sun while another part doesn’t, after some time you may see a shading distinction. All factors kept constant; quartz countertops will climate and age genuinely well. Quartz countertops are fantastically robust. With only a little measure of consideration, your quartz surfaces will look as extraordinary as the day you installed them for a considerable length of time to come.

The fact that quartz countertops only require minimal cleaning and yet achieve a functioning and sanitary condition is just overwhelming. Even though quartz ledges will resist permanently staining when presented to fluids or foods spilled on the floor, it’s critical to wipe them up quickly before they dry up. They can be cleaned up using just a simple wipe or a dishwasher detergent with a simple soft cloth.

Basically, apply the cleanser to any stains, leave the cleaner superficially for around two minutes, and then remove it with a non-scratch object. After removing the cleaner, you can now use a cloth that is moderately wet to remove the remains and then use a dry cloth to dry it up.

  • For harder stains like nail clean, or paint, it is prescribed to keep a plastic putty blade helpful to rub off wrecks that solidify as they dry delicately. Make sure not to use a sharp knife for this job since the countertops will not withstand the sharpness of it. Let’s take a step by step on how to clean the quartz countertop;
  • For oil stains, wipe away oil with a degreasing cleaner. Splash the counter with a degreasing cleaner. On the other hand, utilize disinfectant bleach-free wipes. Wipe quickly shortly with a wipe or wet fabric. For oil stains, search for cleaning items that are explicitly defined for quartz countertops.
  • Wipe down your quartz ledges with a delicate cloth and gentle cleanser. Clean the counter with cleanser and warm (not hot) water day by day, if possible.
  • For any dried foods or different stains, utilize a blunt scrubber, for example, a plastic putty knife to rub and to remove it off.
  • For new extreme stains or anything sticky, you can likewise utilize a cleaning arrangement like Goo Gone. Wet a material with a cleaner. Goo Gone is a good example of this. Take a stab at pouring a touch of cleaner onto the dirt and enable it to work for a few minutes previously cleaning it up, if the stain is intense. Follow up by cleaning the counter well with warm (not hot) water.

Make sure to get the countertops dry with a towel after you complete the process of cleaning.

quartz countertop pros and cons, kitchen quartz

Main Usage Areas of Quartz Countertops

Many people prefer using quartz countertops in their homes for many reasons. Many of them are left with no choice but to go with the countertop that is sanitary. In the house, the two places that sanitation should be maintained are the kitchen and the bathrooms/toilets. This is because there is a lot of fluids spillage in these areas and having quartz countertops by your side, you can have the situation in control.

In the kitchen, it is important to check some things first before you install them. You will have to equip your kitchen with trivets. They will keep your countertops from being destroyed by the heating pans and fires.

pros and cons of quartz, bath quartz countertop

For the bathrooms, it is important always to keep it dry and clean. When the bathrooms are dirty but have been installed with quartz countertops, there is no need for scrubbing using hard brushes. Just soap and water will do, and you will have a clean and safe bathroom. A bathroom is a place where people relax and let free, and many have found themselves composing songs while inside there due to the serene and comfortable environment it provides to them. Having a good time in the right place is important. The walls should be clean, in such a way that when a tissue paper touches a quartz countertop will not leave anybody worried.

Quartz Countertops Colors and Styles

quartz countertop pros and cons

Quartz as a stone may come in different colors. Everything changes when it is engineered to make the quartz countertops. The process of making them relatively complicated since 90% of the quartz is mixed with resins and pigments to create an attractive countertop.

The decision on the color, theme, and style might lie with the owner. The owner of the countertops may decide to have them in any color he wills. The feature of them being man made will enable makes of different colors ranging from grey, white, cream, brown, etc. The white quartz countertop has gained popularity in America, and this has led to it being installed in very many kitchens.

The quartz countertops for the bathrooms might vary from the kitchen. When ordering, it is better to order the custom-made ones. Most of them come fixed with holes where drop-in sinks can be installed. Their prices range from $400 to around $1000, and this will be highly dependent on their lengths and installation.

The kitchen countertops on the other side might be a bit different especially when one is not planning to install it at a sink. For tables and walls, they are not necessarily customized to fit a particular area. This will be up to the owner to know what space is required to be equipped with them. A quartz countertop ranges in between $60 to around $100 per square feet. The prices might vary from time to time.

Quartz Countertops Design Ideas

a) White Quartz Countertops

93% of natural quartz is comprised in this design. It is resistant to heat and burns, scratches, chips, stains, cracks, mildew, and mold. White cabinets, wooden floors, and white quartz countertops can be used together to create a modern kitchen.

b) Black Quartz Countertops

In this inspiration design, white cabinets and contrast black countertops are very compatible with each other. A beauty from the harmony of contrast has been created. You can use black quartz or white veining black quartz with white modern cabinets and basic white backsplashes.

c) Gold Detailed Quartz

It is a good idea to use gold veining quartz countertops with gold accents and black cabinets. This style of quartz makes itself more visible among the black cabinets. Quartz is a top-notch strong non-permeable surface item that is impervious to scratches, warmth, stains, and water.

d) Island with Quartz

Quartz stone is impervious to scratches, stains, heat, and most family unit synthetic substances. A sealant is not required to make it nonporous and tidy up needs just cleanser and water. The look of this quartz has an advanced feeling with colors running from almost strong colors to surfaces with stone totals. Besides, quartz island is great to make your kitchen fabulous.


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