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Vanities are the main design items of bathrooms. We know that a good-looking, stylish vanity improves the look of your bathroom. Our customers can find the most trendy, elegant and flashy vanities of all time.

Art of Kitchen Tile&Bath cares about the quality, durability and attraction of your bathroom vanities. That’s why we offer you the best quality and best price in the market. You could find the most suitable vanity for your bathroom with Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath.

Types of Vanities

Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath offers a wide range of vanity choices regarding style, color, and types of options. Thanks to our dealers, we pair high quality and durable materials with modern design lines. Art of Kitchen & Tile has Single Sink Vanity and Double Sink Vanity options. You can prefer a single or double sink vanity according to the needs of your home.

Single Sink Vanity

Single sink vanities are ideal for small bathroom areas and small families. If you do not have enough place to put a large vanity in your bathroom, you should choose a single sink vanity. All of our vanities have the best quality and good materials. You will find a suitable vanity model for your lovely bathroom with Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath.

Double Sink Vanity

Double sink vanities provide convenience for your use. As double-sink vanities have sufficient area of use, they are more practical. If you have enough space for a double-sink vanity in your bathroom, you should prefer them. They are very convenient and comfortable for crowded families.