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Adornus Cabinets

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Adornus Cabinets have a wide range catalog for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry as well as accessories i.e. vanities, furniture, etc. Located in Florida, the company launches its updated designs every year which can be accessed online. Adornous believes that a higher price is not necessary to create luxury and elegant living space. It can also be achieved within the efficient price and smart selection.

Adornus claims to give special attention for selection, inspection and utilization of North American wood species for its cabinets and other wooden accessories. It is an E-zero Certified (Effectively Zero Formaldehyde) company.

Adornus Cabinets

The cabinet catalogue has really unique designs which satisfies the aim of Adornus i.e. redefining expectations.

Aspen Cabinets

Among the most sophisticated traditional style kitchen. It has maple raised panel door which gives enduring effect adding beauty to every home it goes. Some detail insights about Aspen cabinets are:

  • Classic gracefulness with solid Maple wood.
  • Interior and exterior have soft warm white finish
  • Doors and Drawers have full extension glides
  • Aspen construction holds 5 piece door/drawers tongue and groove construction.

Broadwalk Cabinets

The modern and sleek look for Broakwalk kitchen with distinctive pillowed door designs give a traditional effect. Broadwalk kitchen has following aspects:

  • Chic Style and Maple Wood
  • The finish for Broadwalk is dark glazed walnut – for both interior and exterior
  • Full extension glides for doors and drawers.
  • Mitered soft raised panels with pillowed edge detail.

Gables Cabinets

The graceful smoky grey tone gives modern chic look to the kitchen with sophistication. The cozy feels around the widely used section of the home is always a must have. Gables’ specs are:

  • Exquisite beauty and classic look with solid Maple wood
  • The doors and drawers have soft Smokey grey finish
  • Matching interior and exterior finishes
  • Soft doors and drawers with full extension glides

Newport Cabinets

Flat panel door giving a modish look and farmhouse style, Newport is ideal for large, spacious kitchens. Key points for Newport are:

  • Modish farmhouse style layout and solid Maple wood
  • Doors and drawers have soft grey finish
  • Natural interior and matching exterior for the cabinets
  • Soft closing doors and drawers with full extension glides.

Venice Cabinets

A subtle blend of classic and modern layout, Venice offers traditional cabinets wrapped elegantly in contemporary finish. It gives suave look to anywhere it is installed. A brief overview for Venice is:

  • Stylish, modish and casual blend at the same time
  • Cabinets are made up of Maple wood
  • The finish used for Venice style is soft grey
  • Pure interior and matching exterior
  • Doors and drawers with full extension glides
  • Doors and drawers have tongue and groove construction.

Adornus Customer Reviews

Adornus have positive customer reviews and has a good market share w.r.t satisfactory clients. The clients have experienced very supportive and robust customer service. The company considers each client’s project as an individual project and give proper attention. Adornus believes in good customer service and quality control. Responsive customer support makes sure to handle any unhappy or troubled clients as soon as possible.

The improvements that Adornus can make in their cabinets is the Ready to Assemble cabinets and their instruction guide. In this way, they can gather more happy clients.