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Kitchen Cabinets NJ

If you are looking for Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey, this is the correct place. Kitchen cabinets are significant rescuers of your kitchen as storage space. Their styles, colors, types, and designs are essential to reach your dream kitchen. Cabinets have a major role in creating the style of the kitchen.

The quality cabinets of Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath are very durable and long lasting. Thanks to our wide range of product style and kitchen cabinet brands you can easily find cabinets that will complement any kitchen. Create a whole new look for your kitchen with our durable and elegant cabinets. You can browse kitchen cabinets by brands.

There are two types of kitchen cabinets which are stock cabinets and custom&semi-custom cabinets. Each one differs according to their characteristics.

Stock Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Stock cabinets are the pre-manufactured, readymade type of cabinets. That means they are produced in a factory and then shipped when ordered. They are available in modular units and not able to customize. Stock cabinets in NJ are produced according to standard measurements and styles. In addition to being practical and readymade, stock cabinets are also more affordable in term of price. They have a quick delivery time and easy-to-install.

Semi-Custom & Custom Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Custom&semi-custom cabinets are not like stock cabinets. They are made according to customers’ requests. You can define some details if you made custom or semi-custom cabinets. But custom and semi-custom cabinets are also separated from each other by some differences. These cabinets have extra detailing options, custom size drawers, and door fronts. So, they are a bit expensive than stock cabinets. They can be customized to your needs and manufactured on a build-to-order basis.

Semi-custom cabinets are like stock cabinets but extra detailing option differs from stock cabinets. The standard cabinetry sizes still the same, but customers have the option to change certain sizes, like resizing the drawers and door fronts,  or increasing/decreasing the cabinet depth.

Custom cabinets are made to your specifications. Because of this, you can have pretty much anything you want! Width and depth sizes are customizable when you buy custom cabinets.

Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets New Jersey

Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath is Fabuwood cabinet dealer and offers quality Fabuwood kitchen cabinets in NJ. Fabuwood cabinets have 5-year of warranty.

Our most loved Fabuwood cabinet model is Fabuwood Allure Fusion Blanc cabinet which has an elegant style while Fabuwood Allure Vista Blanc cabinet has a classical style. Also, those who like modern kitchens Fabuwood Allure Galaxy Horizon cabinet is the ideal model.

Forevermark Kitchen Cabinets in New Jersey

Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath provides stylish and good quality Forevermark kitchen cabinets for any budget. You can reach the kitchen you want with us.

Forevermark Gramercy White cabinet is very modern and simple with its white color. But, if you want wood color cabinets, then you should choose Forevermark Sienna Rope cabinets to get your desired color and style.

FGM Cabinetry in New Jersey

More than 15 years of experience FGM Cabinetry offer high-quality wood cabinets and Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath is the reliable dealer of FGM Cabinetry. If you like grey and modern kitchen you can take a look at FGM Cabinetry Mercury Stone Grey model. But if you like dark wood cabinets, then we recommend you to look FGM Cabinetry Mercury Expresso Shaker cabinet. The FGM Cabinetry’s high-quality kitchen cabinets are available in New Jersey through Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath. You can view more products of FGM Cabinetry from Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath FGM Cabinetry products page.

Adornus Kitchen Cabinets NJ

Art of Kitchen Tile and Bath is the dealer of Adornus Cabinets. We offer you the most loved and popular cabinets of Adornus such as Adornus Venice Kitchen Cabinets, Adornus Newport Kitchen Cabinets, and Adornus Camden Kitchen Cabinets

Also, we provide Alusso Kitchen Cabinets by Adornus. Alusso Cabinets provides modern, flat and sleek models. Alusso Essence Athens Cabinets and Alusso Prime Grey Oak Cabinets are the best models for those who like flat and elegant kitchen cabinets.

We provide more best selling cabinet brands like CNC Cabinets, Hanssem Cabinets, Cubitac Kitchen Cabinets. You can browse more cabinet products in New Jersey from our shop page.

You can get more detailed information about types of kitchen cabinets from our blog! ?