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Alusso Cabinets

Alusso is presenting the best kitchen cabinets for years now. By combining quality and good customer service, it is one of the leaders in the cabinetry industry. With innovative products and quality customer care, it is receiving happy customer feedbacks.

It has 4 different collections. As Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath, we provide to our customers quality kitchen cabinets near NJ. You can browse these products from the Alusso Cabinets page.

Alusso Cabinets Collections

Different collections according to different design tastes! The contemporary style of it is liked by our customers. If you want fresh, contemporary and minimalist kitchen style then you should really look at the Alusso!

Inspiration Collection

Inspiration Collection has a modern texture which is the result of an artistic and industrial perspective that focuses on both details and technological changes, as well as on advanced research and development activities. This collection usually contains natural wood tones.

Alusso Essence Collection

Essence Collection is reinterpreted by keeping the spirit and essence of wood. The Essence collection is adapted by recreating the irregular and imprecise effect known as ‘saw effect’ of hand-sawn wood. This represents the tradition of wood and its contemporary expression of living. The Essence collection is perfect for those who love the look of natural wood.

Alusso Natura Collection

Natura is a created collection inspired by nature. Handmade wooden surfaces or leather parts have a textured effect. The Natura collection will bring elegance to your kitchens with a vintage feel. Thanks to our collection colors, the cabinets are compatible with both classic and modern kitchens.

Alusso Prime Collection

Prime Collection has two different finishes which are High Gloss and Super Matte. These two finish style is made for different taste types.

Prime High Gloss is for lovers of bright appearances. It has a characterized visual quality; mirror and depth effect. It has a very stylish and outstanding look.

Prime Super Matte is for who likes natural looks. It has solid, stone and wood finishes which creates a warm feeling.