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Fabuwood Catalog for 2024

Check out our up-to-date 2024 Fabuwood Catalog. Fabuwood gives the absolute kitchen cabinets at unbeatable prices. Fabuwood cabinets have superior craftsmanship and fine styling. Cabinets are supported by a five-year warranty. If you are looking for where to buy Fabuwood cabinets the answer is Art of Kitchen Tile & Bath.

As a local dealer of Fabuwood Cabinets in New Jersey, we do offer some free services such as 3D design and measurement services. We do support you to create your own style with Fabuwood products by consulting with you the best options that possibly suit your kitchen. You can find what you are exactly looking for from our catalog. We are continuously updating it.

The Fabuwood catalog features a broad array of cabinet styles, materials, and finishes. It includes series like Allure, Illume, and the Quest Series, offering a variety of styles and shades along with impressive finishes, glazes, and ornamental accessories. This ensures that regardless of the kitchen style you’re aiming for—be it for new construction or a dream remodel—you’ll find options that suit your needs .

For those looking for updated options, the 2024 Fabuwood Catalog is already available, presenting the latest in kitchen cabinets at unbeatable prices. Fabuwood’s craftsmanship and styling are backed by a five-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and product durability. Moreover, Fabuwood cabinets are constructed from a combination of materials, including plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for door panels, and Birch for door frames and face frames, chosen to provide durability and stability​


Fabuwood uses a combination of materials to construct their cabinets, including plywood, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for the door panels, and Birch for the door frames and face frames. This combination is chosen to provide durability and stability to their cabinets, ensuring a high-quality finish with a durable and silky smooth conversion varnish.

Fabuwood cabinets are made from a combination of real wood and engineered wood materials. The construction includes Birch wood for the door frames and face frames, which is considered real wood. However, for parts of the cabinets such as the door panels, Fabuwood utilizes MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which is an engineered wood product made from wood fibers combined with resin and wax under pressure. This approach allows Fabuwood to provide the durability and stability of real wood in the structural components of their cabinets, while also leveraging the smooth finish and consistency of MDF for areas that benefit from these materials' properties.

Every Fabuwood cabinet is built using components sourced from around the world and assembled in the United States.

Yes, Fabuwood cabinets can be painted. Fabuwood offers the option for custom finishing of their cabinets to any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color, according to the preferences of the client. This service requires the dealer to provide the specific color name and code to Fabuwood for the custom finish.