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CNC Cabinetry

CNC cabinets are experienced cabinet makers in both framed and frameless cabinetry. Crafted with precision, CNC cabinets are perfect for every place and are always in budget. CNC offers a complete range of cabinets with 20 years of experience and 100% Australian-made cabinets.

Custom Made Cabinets

CNC provides services and custom designed products for builders, cabinets makers, designers, and homeowners. The online services enable the user to request a quote, modify the measurements to the smallest millimeter, generate real-time pricing and then place order seamlessly.

Quality – The Process

At CNC, quality is considered to be “The Process”. The signatory work involves a lot of careful efforts at every single step. The steps in the process are:

Wood: Special attention has been given to each lumber batch

Detailing: The smallest corner gets even attention as the doors and front of the cabinets.

Craft-build: The excellence of craftsmanship and the uniqueness of CNC cabinetry to put things together separates them from others.

Protection: The finishes of the cabinets adds beauty to the product along with protecting the cabinet wood.

Journey of CNC

The journey to CNC cabinetry expands over twenty years. This brought a lot of improvements in CNC. Overview of some are:


CNC groomed over the time of 20 years hence the customer’s kitchen involved two decades of learning curve and expertise.

Warehouse Network

CNC’s warehouse comprises of a million square feet along with logistics and storage capabilities.

Fast Delivery

Being the largest kitchen cabinet distributor, the average turnaround for delivery is 24-48 hours. This also includes stock cabinets and countertops.


CNC’s fleet of truck, trailers and skilled drivers makes two dozen active delivery routes daily which makes the delivery service efficient.

Onsite Skilled Services

CNC not only deliver customized cabinets but also fulfills the spare parts replication request. The onsite services are equally marvelous and maintain the legacy.

Why Choose CNC Cabinets

CNC delivers the best and hence has a lot of reasons to be opted:

  • CNC modify cabinets to smallest details even in  millimeters
  • The online website shows real-time pricing
  • CNC has a very explicit cut when it comes to cabinet cutting
  • It is cost efficient and hence is in reach of every person searching for economical cabinet solution.
  • CNC makes cabinets pre-drilled so that they can be assembled easily.
  • The facility at CNC is either home delivery or pick up from their outlet.

CNC Cabinetry Catalogue

CNC offers a wide range of catalog for kitchens, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, laundries, entertainment units, and others. Some timeless and valued cabinets from the catalog are:

Oxford CNC Cabinets

Oxford – a suave, classic Shaker door style belonging to the classic category has full access and is an enclosed box. The textured feel gives the effect of real wood. Contemporary and explicit, this style gives a modern look to your kitchen within budget.

Matrix CNC Cabinets

The sophisticated and modish design trends of the matrix have great attention to the depth and colors of real wood. Matrix has all of the originality but with a longer lifespan.

Milano CNC Cabinets

The full overlay and modern style slab door, with a high gloss finish, gives a chic look to your kitchen, easy to clean and durable. Categorized as award-winning Classic frameless box comprises of plywood sides and soft close drawer.

Sydney CNC Cabinets

Pure depiction of the modern era, the white satin cabinets with gleaming effect and square flat panels are the perfect match for the contemporary and modish look of the kitchen. It gives a trendy appearance and is spacious. They are available with plywood sides and metal soft close drawer.

Cascade CNC Cabinets

Brightens the room where it is installed. Composed of the square raised panel and frameless box. Best opting cabinetry for seamless design and to give a more spacious effect.

CNC Countertops

The wide variety of countertop owned by CNC lets you choose the most perfect countertop design for your home. CNC claims to produce both small and large orders with quick turnaround and affordable prices.


Modern and easily installable countertop having 90 degrees radius on the front edge is widely in demand. It is the most economical option as well.


Pluto – 90 degrees front edge finished countertop. The slight raised front edge saves the floor from liquid spills. Made from water-resistant plywood, Pluto is a durable countertop that can retain its youthful glow for many years.

Self-Edge Countertops

Produced with great care, CNC’s self-edged countertops has a great level of customization option like bevel treatment, wood edge, radius corners and template countertops etc. Innovation in kitchen cabinets is not a dream anymore. The prices for the self-edged customization are competitive.

CNC Cabinetry Bathroom Vanities

Some bathroom vanities from CNC’s collection are:


Vanguard is a full overlay Shaker with birch door has nice accent molding wrapped around flat center panel. The door is durable since it has been designed in reverse raised panel style.


Concord series is made up of plywood i.e. solid wood dovetail drawers, full half-inched back panels. The cabinets have ¾” adjustable shelves with supreme durability and six-way adjustable soft close hinges for flexibility. The series is available in a light color for easy and handy maintenance.


The series is all plywood, cabinets, and drawers. The walls and base of cabinets are designed with ¾” dynamic shelves with four-way adjustable hinges with external strength provided by metal clip fastener system.


Classic series has ¾” vinyl laminated plywood having a frameless box. Metal drawers have full extension opening and soft close attribute. The six-way adjustable hinge with glue-clamped assembly makes the cabinet series solid and durable.